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It is essential that your tactical gear in Penasco NM 87553 be comfortable, durable and operational no matter how you will be using it. In sports or recreational activities, the way that we look affects in Penasco NM 87553 the way that we act so wearing the right gear can have a direct impact on how we perform in the field in Penasco NM 87553. The following is a list of options for choosing the right gear – from head to toe.

Head Protection:

A knit cap (or watch cap) is perfect for hunting, hiking or any other outdoor activity. Knit caps are designed to provide a certain amount of warmth in cold weather and are a common form of headgear for seamen, fishermen, hunters and others who spend the majority of their day outdoors in Penasco NM 87553.

Hearing Protection:

Ear plugs are a comfortable and easy to use option. The best ones on the market today come with a removable “pop cord” and are available in 3 size options. Ear plugs of this nature are guaranteed to last at least 6-12 months of regular use.

Eye Protection:

The 9.5 base curve of most anti-fog safety glasses offers great wrap-around protection and the hard coated poly-carbonate lenses offer 99% UV protection.


Step up to a base layer that’s better than all other performance wear because it’s more than just polyester. The Ztek shirts are made with a unique plated poly-cotton blend and manufactured in the U.S.A. This unique fabric comes from mechanically plating premium performance textured filament yarns with premium long staple cotton yarns. Make sure that whatever type of clothing you choose, it should be – above all else – comfortable and durable in Penasco NM 87553.


Military issued crookneck flashlights are an all-purpose light made of high-impact, durable plastic. They have a 3-position switch with flasher button. The compartment housed in the base holds spare bulbs with red, green, and clear lenses. The standard size flashlight uses two “D” cells which are generally included in Penasco NM 87553.

Tactical Watchband:

The most recommended watchbands are ranger tested tough and commando proven. They are great for sporting wear, as well as military wear. The cover strap prevents glare and protects the watch crystal from damage. They are manufactured for a comfortable fit and are easily adjusted to fit any wrist size.

When choosing your tactical gear, the bottom line is finding quality gear that works for your situation and then assessing the value of each individual option in Penasco NM 87553.

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